What Does The Barre Code represent?

The Barre Code logo intentionally features varied widths representing the individuality of women (all shapes and sizes) showing up as they are, standing together in pursuit of their own journey and supporting others along the way.

Amy Cathey Co-Owner

Amy has been “living by the barre code” since joining as a member of the original Chicago community in 2010. Growing up in Spokane, Amy had a love of all things dance and theatre. After a 12 year stint in Chicago, a blip of a movie career, and three years in Los Angeles, Amy has made her way back to her hometown and brings her love of The Barre Code with her.

At The Barre Code Spokane, we believe in our power, beauty, and value. We move to gain, not lose. We work out to celebrate strength, not fix what is “wrong” with us. We work hard to deepen our connection and affection for our bodies, not to punish them. We accept the differences that make us beautiful and strive for beauty that makes a difference.

The Barre Code us for everybody and every body. We can’t wait to meet and sweat with you!

Amy Cathey
Misty Myers Co-Owner

Misty joined The Barre Code in January 2022. She immediately signed up for a membership after taking one class. In May 2022, she welcomed the opportunity to become a co-owner of The Barre Code Spokane. Prior to joining The Barre Code family, Misty grew up in Everett, WA, attended college in Montana, and settled in Spokane in 1998. She was previously employed by The State of Washington. She has a passion for “living by the barre code” as well as philanthropic endeavors.

Misty Myers

How We Do It

We teach badass classes. We go beyond the barre with our all-in-one program: Barre, Bootcamp, and Brawl. Sweat under neon lights to music that drives you, and be led by the most passionate instructors in the industry.

We preach “Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.” We will never idolize slimming shapes or shrinking sizes. We are a safe space for every BODY.

We practice radical self-love. We show ourselves love through movement. We celebrate our unique abilities and strengths.

We work to let go of standards that do not serve us. We build a stronger society. We are a collective of women who accept the differences that make us beautiful, and together, strive for beauty that makes a difference.


Creating A Movement of Empowerment

Women face many challenges, and it is our goal to use The Barre Code platform to raise awareness about challenges and successes centered around body image, mental health, women’s health and wellness topics. We share stories of struggle and triumph to help others know they are not alone and offer a community of support by bringing ‘normalcy’ to issues women historically have faced alone or with shame.

As The Barre Code continues to grow, our vision grows stronger to continue to use our brand as a vehicle to positively impact the lives of individuals worldwide.

Featured Publications

The Barre Code has been featured in Elle, Bazaar, Vogue, and more! Learn how we are empowering women through our total body workouts and community.