What Does The Barre Code represent?

The Barre Code logo intentionally features varied widths representing the individuality of women (all shapes and sizes) showing up as they are, standing together in pursuit of their own journey and supporting others along the way.

Julie Godfrey Owner & Master Trainer

Owner & Sr. Trainer, Julie Godfrey, has an extensive background in health and fitness. She spent her childhood dancing and went on to earn a degree in Dance Performance from Kent State. While pursuing a dance career in NYC, Julie was teaching group fitness classes & realized she had a real passion for helping women to achieve goals & live wholistically healthier lives. It was that passion that led her to complete her Masters in Exercise Science & Wellness. A grad school internship at Texas Instruments drew Julie to Dallas and she hasn’t looked back.

Prior to opening TBC Plano, Julie worked for 11 years in corporate fitness and wellness. Along with 20 years of group fitness instruction she has a wealth of experience from running corporate fitness centers, to working as a Health Coach, to managing corporate wellness programs for Fortune 500 companies.

She is proud of the amazing and unique community of women built through TBC Plano & to have earned the honor of “Best Gym for Women in Plano” for each year in business.

Julie Godfrey

How We Do It

We teach badass classes. We go beyond the barre with our all-in-one program: Barre, Bootcamp, and Brawl. Sweat under neon lights to music that drives you, and be led by the most passionate instructors in the industry.

We preach “Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.” We will never idolize slimming shapes or shrinking sizes. We are a safe space for every BODY.

We practice radical self-love. We show ourselves love through movement. We celebrate our unique abilities and strengths.

We work to let go of standards that do not serve us. We build a stronger society. We are a collective of women who accept the differences that make us beautiful, and together, strive for beauty that makes a difference.


Creating A Movement of Empowerment

Women face many challenges, and it is our goal to use The Barre Code platform to raise awareness about challenges and successes centered around body image, mental health, women’s health and wellness topics. We share stories of struggle and triumph to help others know they are not alone and offer a community of support by bringing ‘normalcy’ to issues women historically have faced alone or with shame.

As The Barre Code continues to grow, our vision grows stronger to continue to use our brand as a vehicle to positively impact the lives of individuals worldwide.

Featured Publications

The Barre Code has been featured in Elle, Bazaar, Vogue, and more! Learn how we are empowering women through our total body workouts and community.