Discover Why We Started The Barre Code Fitness Studio

Ariana Chernin and Jillian Lorenz

In 2010, Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin turned a New Year’s Eve resolution into a lifelong mission to create and grow a best-in-class fitness program for everybody and every BODY, while promoting personal growth and self acceptance in an environment where women support one another.

At The Barre Code, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Clients of all fitness levels are welcome to discover our most efficient and results-driven fitness program that goes beyond the barre to offer three core formats: Barre, Bootcamp, and Brawl™ (a high energy kickboxing style class). Whether you are a fitness fanatic or just beginning your journey, you will find a class style that is perfect for you.

Beginning in Chicago in 2010, The Barre Code has spent the past decade expanding nationally to over 60 locations and counting while motivating a community of over 200,000 members. Our mission to support and empower women led us to develop a franchising model in which motivated, entrepreneur-spirited individuals could take a fitness concept that positively impacted their lives and bring it to their local community.

As The Barre Code continues to grow, our vision grows stronger to continue to use fitness as a vehicle to positively impact the lives of individuals worldwide.

Ariana Chernin

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Ariana’s passion for athletics started at a young age when she began excelling in volleyball, soccer, and track, eventually leading her to become an All-State athlete. She continued her love of fitness at the University of Michigan, playing in several club teams while completing her undergraduate studies and beginning her career in medical sales. Since founding The Barre Code in 2010, Ariana has been highlighted alongside the brand in publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, SELF, SHAPE, Glamour, Entrepreneur, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Inc., and Prevention. Ariana is a certified fitness professional, receiving the distinction of being both a women’s fitness specialist and MMA conditioning specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Ariana is an avid snowboarder and enjoys spending time with her pitbull/basset hound mix dog Moo, who has his own Instagram following (@mootheminipit).

Jillian Lorenz

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Jillian grew up dancing and performing from an early age, uncovering her passion for choreography during her high school and college years. Earning her B.A. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University, Jillian served as her sorority president while choreographing performances for bowl games as a part of her extracurricular pursuits. After graduation, Jillian joined a global consulting firm, spending over ten years immersing herself in the business world. Since founding The Barre Code in 2010, Jillian has been highlighted alongside the brand in publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, SELF, Glamour, Entrepreneur, Women’s Health, and Inc. Jillian has been recognized as a fitness and post-natal fitness expert in Shape, Fit Pregnancy, and numerous news networks, and regularly speaks on entrepreneurship panels, including The University of Chicago & Northwestern University business schools. In her free time, Jillian enjoys spending time with her family and having dance-offs with her two young children.

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