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Westlake, OH 44145

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COVID 19 Procedures

At The Barre Code, the health, wellness & safety of our clients & staff is our top priority. For more information on our response to COVID-19 and what you can do to promote safety when visiting our studios, click here.

If you are attending class for the first time, please make an account on our website or mobile app before arriving to the studio to help expedite your sign-in process. Click “My Account” in the top right-hand corner of this screen to get started!

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your first class so that you can check-in, meet your instructor, get a tour of our studio, and feel confident walking into the studio for the first time!

We recommend always arriving 10-minutes before the start of class. Doors close 5 minutes after the start of class, and you will not be let in after that time to avoid distraction to other clients and the instructor.

Socks are required for all classes and must be worn before entering the studio for hygiene and comfort purposes. Shoes are not allowed in the studio room at any time. Socks are available for purchase at the front desk.

Please leave your cell phone and other personal belongings in your locker for the duration of class. Phones are not allowed in the studio room. If you are anticipating an important phone call, you can ask our front desk to hold your phone for you. If you receive a call during class, a staff member can alert you.

All standard classes are 50 minutes long. Please stay for the full duration of class. Leaving class early is a distraction to the other clients and instructor. We kindly ask that you respect one another and the hard work you’ve put into the class by staying for the full duration of the class, including the stretch at the end.

If you are unable to attend a reservation, you must cancel yourself from the class online at or via The Barre Code mobile app at least 4 hours before the start of class.

If you do not cancel yourself out of class before the designated cut-off time, and/or do not show up for class, you will receive a cancellation penalty. Cancellation penalties vary by contract and package type, so be sure to review your specific agreement terms below. We cannot take cancellations over e-mail, phone, or voicemail. You must cancel via the website or mobile app.

If you are booking a reservation for a guest, you are responsible for cancelling their reservation if they can no longer attend.

We reserve the right to cancel class for extenuating circumstances. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified. We encourage you to opt-in to all communications so as to stay up-to-date with studio updates.

If you are booking class through a third-party booking platform, such as ClassPass, you will be subject to their cancellation policies.

You can be added from the waitlist to the class roster up to two hours before the start of class. If you are holding a spot on a waitlist for any particular class, treat your waitlist reservation the same as you would a class reservation. You should be prepared to attend class anytime you are holding a spot on the waitlist. If you have booked a reservation for a guest who is on a waitlist, the same policies here apply.

If you are unsure if you are able to attend class, please remove yourself from the waitlist before 4 hours before the start of class to avoid being added to the class roster and to avoid any subsequent late cancel or no-show fees.

If you are added from the waitlist to the class roster, you are subject to all class cancellation policies. If you are added to the class roster from the waitlist but you then choose to late-cancel your reservation OR fail to show up for your reservation, you will be subject to the late cancel and/or no-show penalty.

If you remain on the waitlist less than two hours before the start of class, it is still possible that a spot may open up for you. We encourage you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of class to secure your potential spot in class. If a spot is available, you will be added to the class by our staff.

You must cancel your membership 30 days in advance of the next auto renewal date. All memberships will continue renewing until they are cancelled. All cancellation requests must be submitted via email.

Some membership contracts have minimum commitments. Early termination of any contract will be subject to an early cancellation fee.

If you are traveling or will be out of town, we can place your monthly membership on hold for $15. You can place a hold on your membership for 1-month periods at a time. Holds must be requested via email at least 30 days before your next billing date.

You are grandfathered into your contract pricing for the duration of your contract. If you cancel your contract, you will be subject to any price increases should you decide to open a new contract. We encourage freezing your membership to avoid potential price increases.

Please refer to the contract-specific policies below.

  • Founding Membership – Westlake
    • Valid at The Barre Code Westlake
    • Can book unlimited classes each month.
    • Includes complimentary The Barre Code On-Demand Membership
    • Can book classes 8 days in advance
    • Can bring 1 free guest each month
    • Late cancel window is 4 hours before the start of class
    • Subject to late cancel fees. Late cancel penalty is $10. No Show Penalty is $20.
    • Contract renews indefinitely, once per month, until cancelled
    • Contracts must be cancelled with 30-day notice in writing via email to

Credit packages, also known as “Class Packs,” all have expiration dates and must be used before they expire. Credits cannot be extended or used after the expiration date. Packages do not renew, are not transferrable, and are non-refundable.


Childcare is provided for select class times. You can view available childcare on our schedule by filtering the schedule for Kid’s Room classes. Kid’s Room classes can be booked on our app or website using Kid’s Room credits.

Please note that our Kid’s Room capacity is very limited. Please book in advance to secure your child’s spot. Children must be booked into Kid’s Room and are not permitted to wait in the reception area during class.

If you are cancelling a class reservation, please remember to also cancel any Kid’s Room reservations. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your Kid’s Room credit.

Your child will be supervised during the duration of class by a CPR-certified employee. Our Kid’s Room Attendants are happy to watch your little ones, but please understand that they are not responsible for changing diapers, monitoring bathroom visits, or administering meals or snacks. Should your child require this type of care, the Kid’s Room Attendant will retrieve you from the class to assist.

You acknowledge that, as the parent or legal guardian, you assume all risk of injury or harm to the child while the child is at The Barre Code’s childcare program. You agree to fully release, indemnify, defend, and forever discharge The Barre Code, its owners, staff, employees, and agents of and from all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions, and causes of action in respect of death, injury, loss, or damage to the child, or by the child, howsoever caused, arising out of or to arise by reason of or during the child’s participation in The Barre Code’s childcare program.

All sales are final. No refunds. Retail can be exchanged within 14 days of purchase for another retail item of the same value or for account credit.

You must agree to all additional policies outlined within The Barre Code’s Terms of Service and Waiver, as available on our website.