The Barre Code River North

435 N. LaSalle Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60564

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Our Brawl Class

Kick, punch, and sweat your way through this Barre Code – The Barre Code River North’s high-energy class that incorporates cardio kickboxing sequencing and strength work.


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Pack A Strong Punch

Learning The Barre Code River North’s Brawl format is like learning a new language; it can seem foreign at first but gets a lot easier with repetition. Do your best to keep moving, remember to have fun and punch out any frustration you’re feeling. With time you’ll see huge improvements and success that you’ll feel really proud of!

Active Meditation

This Barre Code – The Barre Code River North cardio kickboxing class is designed to test your coordination and endurance, while you get in the zone. Your focus and mental clarity will sharpen each time you walk into “the ring” and tackle a new combination.