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Our Brawl Class

Recognized by SELF Magazine as “one of the best workouts in the country,” Brawl will take you through 50 minutes of powerful cardio kickboxing sequences set to music that drives you. Between two longer cardio sequences, your instructor will guide you through an active recovery consisting of low-impact strength exercises to help you become a stronger Brawler. This class challenges both your mind and body in ways you won’t experience anywhere else.

Pack A Strong Punch

Learning our Brawl format is like learning a new language; it can seem foreign at first, and it will get easier as you continue to take classes and get acquainted with what each move is called and what it looks like. Do your best to keep moving, remember to have fun and punch out any self-doubt you are feeling. Over time, you will see huge improvements and will experience a sense of pride about your abilities.

Active Meditation

This cardio kickboxing class is designed to test your coordination and endurance, while you get in the zone. Your focus and mental clarity will sharpen each time you walk into “the ring” and tackle a new combination.

The Barre Code Mantra