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While every month is important to us at The Barre Code, April is particularly dear to our hearts because it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Launched in 2001, SAAM is a nationwide effort to promote awareness and prevention of sexual assault.

In honor of this month, we are putting a spotlight on one of our amazing class formats, Brawl! Learn more about this cardio kickboxing class below.

Brawl is our long-form cardio kickboxing class. Combining punching and kicking combinations into a full choreographed sequence set to the beat of the music, this class will improve your coordination and cardiovascular endurance while keeping your mind active & engaged in a state of active meditation. You’ll leave class feeling sweaty, empowered, and ready to tackle whatever obstacle life throws your way!

Learning our Brawl format is like learning a new language; it can seem foreign at first but gets a lot easier with repetition. Do your best to keep moving, and don’t beat yourself up if it takes you some time to catch on in the beginning. Remember to have fun and punch out any frustration you’re feeling. With time you’ll see huge improvements and success that you’ll feel really proud of!

Let’s hear what our wonderful clients think about Brawl:

The intensity makes me feel so accomplished when I’ve finished a class. Plus, the mental challenge of learning a new routine every time is really fun and keeps me totally focused on the moment. – Elizabeth from @barrecode_annarbor

“I love the fast pace, and the challenge and focus required. And…I like to pretend that I’m learning a little dance routine. It’s just fun! Loud music, group clapping, and usually me giggling at myself as I goof up. What’s not to love?” – Niki from @barrecode_lombard

I love Brawl- not only because of the high physical intensity but because it’s mentally engaging and keeps my mind present and focused for the full 50 minutes. – Autumn from @barrecode_annarbor

This month, The Barre Code studios across the country have partnered with Joyful Heart Foundation for the second year in a row by hosting national donation classes the weekend of April 27-28th. We are also focusing on our Brawl class format this month – it’s an incredible part of our program that inspires strength, confidence, and self-empowerment.

Follow your local studio for more info on donation classes and stay tuned for Brawl-focused On-Demand Content, limited-edition teal retail, and so much more.

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