We want to hear as many of your Barre Code stories as we can! So we reached out to all of YOU on social media, and we LOVE your responses. Today we are featuring two of the submitted Spotlights. Head back to this post every Tuesday to read more #BarreCodeSpotlights! DM us on Instagram to share your story!

“Here’s a picture from barre. I’d say this represents strength and determination – this was taken after I had gotten my last stamp for the SpringitOn challenge! I had only been doing barre for like a month so I wasn’t sure if I could even do the challenge but I made it and was really proud of myself!”

@AlexaCaruso178, @BarreCode_Pitt

“Hey! My name’s Alexa and here’s my Barre Code story!
I’ve been going to The Barre Code since February! So just for a few months but I instantly loved it! I love that all the instructors and employees are super nice, and that the classes are actually fun. It makes me excited to go work out which isn’t something I’d ever thought I’d say! The Barre Code has been a huge help for me because I work remotely and moved to Pittsburgh last year, knowing only 1 person. Since my job is basically to work on my computer in my apartment all day, I had a really hard time making friends and finding a community. I started going to barre in the hopes that that would change and it definitely has! Now I’m more active than ever and I’ve met people who encourage me and who I look forward to seeing every week! Barre makes me feel strong, empowered, and valued. A fun fact about me is that I love to cook! If I’m not working or at barre, I’m probably in the kitchen trying a new recipe!”

“This one is from a recent trip to Hawaii—wearing TBC gear but hard to see.”
“This is from a trip to Iguazu Falls. I always try to bring my TBC gear with me!”
“Wedding day confidence courtesy of TBC”

@SherriDeVito, @BarreCode_Chicago

“I saw your recent story and figured I’d reach out! I have been a client since February 2011, back when it was Barre Bee Fit and a one-room studio in River North. I love that it is always changing and challenging. I love the positive and encouraging nature of every instructor. I love that I always feel better after class. It is something I look forward to almost every day. TBC helped me accept what my body is, and celebrate what it can do. I got married this past year, and I scheduled a private class the morning of my wedding so I could be in a peaceful mental place. After class I felt at ease, empowered, and ready for the big day ahead. I am so grateful for this studio! Fun fact: I have taken around 1200 classes! I was also on an episode of House Hunters for 30 seconds”

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