#BARRECODEBOSSES | How To Balance Motherhood

In honor of #TheMamaCode month, we asked our AMAZING franchise owners to tell us about how they achieve a work/life balance while juggling motherhood. These women are so inspiring and we learn so much from them every day. Do you want to learn more how you can join our community of owners? Click HERE to learn more about franchising.

How do you achieve work/life balance?

“HA! I wish I took my own advice on this more often. Balance is a thing I constantly struggle with. I am doing better about living in the moment. When I am with my family or friends, I try not to check email, look at text messages or listen to voicemails. I set aside specific times throughout my day to focus on work, and I try my best to stick to those hours, but it’s a work in progress.” – Bonnie Eisenhart, @barrecode_westomaha

“Learn to say ‘no.’ Be selective in your personal and professional choices, in turn allowing yourself to be more present during meaningful moments and avoiding resentment in situations that don’t fill you up.” – Cami Kirschner, @barrecode_austin

“This is a really tough one for me, and certainly something I need to continue to work on. I think it’s important to try and get away at least once per quarter. When I leave town, I always come back refreshed and excited to get back to the studio.” – Julie Godfrey, @barrecode_plano

“Designate free time for yourself during the week, just like you would schedule any other appointment. It might be mid-morning or mid-afternoon, but it’s so important to take that time to recharge your own batteries. If staffing allows, try to schedule yourself at least one day per week when you don’t teach at all. Use that day to nap, get caught up on errands, etc! Also, make sure you’re making time for your own workout. ‘Me time’ is so important for everyone, and making sure I get to take class is critical for my mental health.” – Michelle Gimbutis, @barrecode_eastlansing

“Don’t forget to prioritize yourself. Schedule time for YOU weekly, and hold yourself accountable to that schedule! By giving to yourself, you are better able to serve those around you.” – Rachel Humm, @barrecode_southbay

How do you balance motherhood with everything else going on?

“I am very new to motherhood and still figuring out what my new ‘normal’ will be but, right now, I thrive off my son’s nap times. I have a list of what I ‘need’ to do and another of what I ‘want’ to do. I tackle the needs first and, if I can get to some of the wants by the end of the day, it was a successful day!” – Janelle Herbert, @barrecode_metd

“Let your kids be a part of your work life. Let them see the healthy lifestyle you are creating. They watch everything we do!” – Jestina Orlando Look, @barrecode_arlingtonheights

“Trust the people you hire and delegate often and early! Don’t let people get used to you doing everything for everyone, 24/7 365. I guarantee that your staff wants to help you, so let them! As a mom, it’s critical that you be able to trust your team to carry on things at the studio while you’re not there. Get comfortable with the fact that you can’t be at the studio 18 hours a day. It doesn’t mean you’re slacking or not hustling as hard as you can, your hustle might just look a little different than other business owners who may not have kids.” – Michelle Gimbutis, @barrecode_eastlansing

“Practice presence. Get comfortable rolling with the punches. Give yourself grace.” – Lindsay Irrer, @barrecode_metd

“Still figuring this out and my daughter is almost two! Remember that you can always wait a little while longer to reply to emails; don’t miss out on experiences with your child that you might not have if you were working ‘regular’ business hours for someone else.” – Michelle Ziegler, @barrecode_cincy

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