Happy #TheMamaCode month! We asked YOU to send us your stories about how The Barre Code help you during and after your pregnancy and we loved your responses! Keep reading to learn how The Barre Code can play such an integral part on your journey.

“I’m in week 31 of my first pregnancy, and The Barre Code has been my saving grace! Going consistently has not only kept me physically strong and energized, but keeps me mentally strong as well (which I’ve heard I’ll need to get through labor!). I’m so grateful that The Barre Code kept me in shape for my wedding, and now my pregnancy too!”

“I’m 7 months pregnant and have been attending Barre Code classes at the Ann Arbor studio throughout my pregnancy!! It’s been so helpful to keep me moving. And instructors are so accommodating and encouraging!!”

“Found out that The Barre Code New Lenox was opening right when I was due with my first. I’m only 3 weeks into my postpartum routine of Barre and couldn’t be more grateful for my studio and the dedication The Barre Code has to mothers and mothers-to-be. It’s helped me feel stronger physically and mentally… which is so important for postpartum recovery.

TBC was instrumental in my prenatal and postpartum journey! THE BEST way to be “myself” during a transformative period of time.”

Thank you so much ladies for sharing! Find a studio near you HERE to start your journey.