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Fitness for everybody
& every BODY.

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We Live By The Barre Code

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Badass Fitness

We go beyond the barre with our all-in-one program: Barre, Bootcamp, and Brawl®. Sweat under neon lights to music that drives you, led by the most passionate instructors in the industry.

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Nothing to Lose
Everything to Gain

We will never idolize slimming shapes or shrinking sizes. We are a safe space for every BODY.

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We Practice
Radical Self-Love

We show ourselves love through movement. We celebrate our unique abilities and strengths. We work to let go of standards that do not serve us.

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We Build A
Stronger Society

We are a collective of women who accept the differences that make us beautiful, and together, strive for beauty that makes a difference.


Pulse and shake in our signature class that combines small, isometric movements and holds with compound movements. In this 50-minute, low impact class, you’ll work your entire body, focusing on your seat (our term for your glutes), thighs, core, and upper body. Our constantly changing routines and large variety of props ensure you’ll be challenged in every class.


Lift and sweat in our Bootcamp class that improves cardiovascular conditioning and functional strength using heavy weights, resistance bands, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You’ll work at your own pace while your instructor leads you through a variety of circuits to build muscle, increase bone density, and improve your ability to perform functional, everyday movements like hip hinges, squats, and lunges.


Recognized by SELF Magazine as “one of the best workouts in the country,” Brawl® will take you through 50 minutes of powerful cardio kickboxing sequences set to music that drives you. Between two longer cardio sequences, your instructor will guide you through an active recovery consisting of low-impact strength exercises to help you become a stronger Brawler. This class challenges both your mind and body in ways you won’t experience anywhere else.


Need new gear for class or props to elevate your at-home barre workout? We got you covered all in one place! Head over to our shop site, to get your new favorite Barre Code gear.

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