The Barre Code Madison: From Announcement to Opening

The Barre Code Madison opens on August 27th, 2016, and we couldn’t be more excited! What goes into opening your own Barre Code studio? Follow our owner, Kellian Jacobs, on her journey:


March 24, 2016 | Today is the day of our official Barre Code Madison announcement – so excited to have found a location and signed a lease, we are ready to ROLL!


April 12, 2016 | Taking a coffee break while looking through my owner’s manual and training materials. Reading up and educating myself on the process here on out!


May 7, 2016 | It’s amazing to see the framing go up and see the studio walls come together. Breaking ground on construction has been awesome. A crazy time with lots of moving parts, but SO rewarding!


June 16, 2016 | On an high from passing my Master Trainer certification. Though I’ve taught at the Chicago HQ studios for over a year before becoming a franchise owner, I’m ready for the next challenge of training my group of instructors!


July 25, 2016 | One month to go, and we’re READY to take Madison by storm – braids, biceps, and Barre Code pop-up events are keeping us going!