Meet The Barre Code Owners | Part I

The Barre Code is a company that is built on the principles of allowing & encouraging women to follow their dreams and be the best version of themselves. With more than 40 studios across the country, we have supported our franchise studio owners to bring The Barre Code to their market and create their own empowering communities. Here is a bit more about these amazing women we are so proud to call our owners:

Lindsay Irrer, The Barre Code Metro Detroit

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: I literally love the Actionable 8 so much that it’s hard to pick! I keep my little list of them both at my desk and in my wallet and, whenever I’m in a funk for feeling busy, I like to use them to remind me of what is important and what I’m trying to do. If I HAD to choose, my favorite would be “own your energy.” I think the ability to choose how we feel when we wake up in the morning is such an amazing gift, and it is an important reminder that we are always in control of our thoughts, emotions, and life.
  • Favorite Barre Code Class: Brawl. It is sweaty and challenging and the 50 minutes always fly by!
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: I love working toward a mission that I believe so whole-heartedly in. From seeing women feel more confident in themselves to watching friendships form in the studios and our community grow with a focus in supporting and empowering each other, it is an incredible feeling to see our dream come to fruition. (My business partner is also my longtime best friend, and getting to work alongside each other is pretty hard to beat on the “awesome scale” as well!)

Janelle Herbert, The Barre Code Metro Detroit

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: “Be the bright spot in someone’s day.”
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Outside of working side by side with my Barre Bestie, I truly love how I get to have a positive impact on my community through a vehicle I am passionate about. It sums up the saying: “If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life.” On top of that, I get to create my own work/life balance which makes me happy and excites me to keep raising the bar(re). 
  • Fun Fact: I married an Olympian, and I can still plank longer than him!

Cat Noble, The Barre Code Tuscaloosa

  • Favorite Barre Code Class: Brawl – it’s how I fell in love with The Barre Code. Being a cardio addict and loving to lift, it hooked me right away!
  • Fun Fact: I can fly planes but I don’t know how to ride a bike. 
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: “Relax. Breathe in deep. Hold it. Let it Out.” I have this tattooed on my arm in my mom’s handwriting; it’s her voice reminding me every day 🙂

Cami Kirschner, The Barre Code Austin – South Lamar

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Be the bright spot in someone’s day.  It’s the #1 reason why I love instructing!
  • Favorite Barre Code Class: HIITRestore – the best combo of cardio, strength, and restoration!
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Flexibility to set my schedule, allowing me to spend quality time with my kids.

Courtney Vorachek, The Barre Code Charleston – Mount Pleasant

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Be the bright spot in someone’s day.
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Getting to know all the clients and showing them a lifestyle that I LOVE – aka, living by The Barre Code! My studio is my second home, so I feel like I am constantly entertaining, which I love to do! Plus, I love that my dog Ranger spends everyday with me and that all the ladies and kiddos at our studio adore him as much as I do (when Ranger isn’t there, they get really upset). My goal is to make The Barre Code Charleston a second home for all the clients and their families!
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: “Make friends with the problems in your life. Though they might feel random and wrong, remember that I am sovereign over everything. I can fit everything into a pattern for good.” {Jesus Is Calling by Sarah Young}

Michelle Ziegler, The Barre Code Cincinnati

  • Favorite Barre Code Class: It’s a TIE between Barre-dio & Brawl!
  • Fun Fact: I won a National Enquirer photo contest as an infant.
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Bonnie Eisenhart, The Barre Code West Omaha

  • Favorite Barre Code Class: BarRestore.  I love pushing myself to the max in the shortened strength section knowing that restoration will be coming afterwards.  I also enjoy the slow pace of stretch and meditation – both allow me to deepen the connection to my body and mind, and I always feel rejuvenated after class.  
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Everything! I started as a client in Chicago in 2011 and became an instructor within 6 months before joining the Training team as a Master Trainer in 2013.  In 2014, I moved to Omaha and I became the Master Trainer for the Dundee location.  Then, finally, in 2017, I opened the doors to my very own studio! While owning a business comes with challenges and frustrations, being able to create a positive impact on other women and establish a community that connects us on many levels is rewarding beyond words.  Becoming a business owner has tested my patience, brought me to tears (both scared tears and happy tears) and caused me to doubt belief in myself; however, it has pushed me to new levels of personal and professional growth and has made my life better in so many ways!
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: My Great Great Uncle Donald Versaw wrote this in a card to me when I graduated high school: “The world is all yours. We are all on your string. Life’s like a yo-yo – the good you do comes back, so let it whirl.”

Kate Dalcamo Gallagher, The Barre Code Evanston

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Use fitness to deepen your connection to yourself and those around you. If I’m feeling scattered or stressed, it’s amazing what a quick workout can do to re-center myself. Even if it’s 20 minutes in my living room, it makes a difference!
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Bringing my son to work – the studio makes a great play area!
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: “My mother worked too hard for me not to be great.”

Melissa Ohlson, The Barre Code Lombard

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Make work a part of your life, not in spite of your life. After recently making a huge career change, I’ve truly found something that I love to do and has become a part of me.
  • Favorite Barre Code Class: Barre Code; the positions enable me to get back to my dancer roots and the class is constantly challenging, both mentally and physically, regardless of how many I’ve been to. There’s something about being in a room full of mirrors and ballet barres that brings me back to my happy place!
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: The ability to take risks and not be afraid to fail. It’s terrifying at times, but it’s the only way to continue to grow and improve.

Ali Haynes, The Barre Code Oak Park

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Be the bright spot in someone’s day! 
  • Favorite Barre Code Class: BRAWLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Creating my own vision. 

Julie Godfrey, The Barre Code Plano

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Seek growth and embrace evolution. I am always looking for opportunities to grow as an entrepreneur and one of the primary reasons I felt confident investing in The Barre Code was knowing that TBC is a company that is always evolving!  
  • Favorite Barre Code Class: It depends on the day, but this month it’s definitely Britney vs. Christina Barre-dio! #TeamBritney
  • Fun Fact: I HATED vegetables as a kid (we are talking major drama at the dinner table), but my husband and I have been plant-based for 5 years now since watching Forks Over Knives!

Danielle Dixon Hacker, The Barre Code Indianapolis

  • Favorite Barre Code Class: Brawl and Barre Code!
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Getting to bring my littles with me to the work place; that way I don’t miss out on anything – beautiful, organized chaos 😉
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: “If ‘plan A’ didn’t work, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet. Stay Cool.”